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Asset database for the Galilee subregion on 10 September 2015


The dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme. The parent datasets are identified in the Lineage field in this metadata statement. The processes undertaken to produce this derived dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement.

This database supersedes Asset database for the Galilee subregion on 22 May 2015, 781e858b-9604-4a9f-adb9-ebbf276a2dd9.

This dataset contains the spatial and non-spatial (attribute) components of the Galilee subregion Asset List as one .mdb file, which is readable as an MS Access database and a personal geodatabase and one .gbb file (personal geodatabase file). It also contains the "Water-dependent asset register and asset list" (BA-LEB-GAL-130-WaterDependentAssetRegister-AssetList-v20150910.xlsx), a data dictionary document as well as documentation about the WAIT process and development of the initial input data from regional partners (NRM_DOC folder).

Under the BA program, a spatial assets database is developed for each defined Bioregional Assessment subregion. The spatial elements that underpin the identification of water dependent assets are identified in the first instance by regional NRM organisations (via the WAIT tool) and supplemented with additional elements from national and state/territory government datasets. All reports received associated with the WAIT process for Galilee are included in the zip file as part of this dataset. Elements are initially included in the preliminary assets database if they are partly or wholly within the subregion's preliminary assessment extent (Materiality Test 1, M1). Elements are then grouped into assets which are evaluated by project teams to determine whether they meet the second Materiality Test (M2). Assets meeting both Materiality Tests comprise the water dependent asset list. Descriptions of the assets identified in the Galilee subregion are found in the "AssetList" table of the database. In this version of the database, M1 and M2 have both been assessed. Assets are the spatial features used by project teams to model scenarios under the BA program. Detailed attribution does not exist at the asset level. Asset attribution includes only the core set of BA-derived attributes reflecting the BA classification hierarchy, as described in Appendix A of "GAL_asset_database_doc_20150910.doc", located in the zip file as part of this dataset. The "Element_to_Asset" table contains the relationships and identifies the elements that were grouped to create each asset. Detailed information describing the database structure and content can be found in the document "GAL_asset_database_doc_20150910.doc.doc" located in the zip file. Some of the source data used in the compilation of this dataset is restricted.


For creation of asset list for bioregional assessment

Dataset History

VersionID Date Notes

1.0 23/12/2013 Initial database

1.01 3/02/2014 updated 207 Names in table AssetList using AssetName in table NRM_Water_Asset for those recodes from source WAIT_Burdekin

1.01 3/02/2014 removed the space at the beginning of Unnamed)_South Australian Arid Lands_66329 and (Unnamed)_South Australian Arid Lands_57834

1.01 20/02/2014 The database is not changed. About 36 self intersect polygons in spatial data were fixed. New shapefile name for polygon is Galilee_AssetList_geoPolygon20140220.shp

3.0 23/04/2014 "Updated universally changing ""AssetID"" to ""ElementID"" and changing the name of the ""AssetList"" table to ""ElementList"". A table to include Queensland threatened species data has also been added, and ElementIDs added to the ""ElementList"" table."

2.0 23/04/2014 Errors found after handover to CSIRO. Updated immediately to v3.0.

4.0 24/04/2014 Queensland threatened species data updated to new sequence of ElementIDs. New spatial data provided [NAME]

8 5/05/2014 It is generally ready except calcification and asset area

9.0 28/11/2014 "Add additional datasets such as QLD_DERM PR Waterbodies, QLD_DERM PR Waterbodies QLD RegionalEcosystems as request

Update GDEsub, GDEsur, QLD_ DNRM_ECON_GW QLD_ DNRM_ECON_SW as request"

10 22/05/2015 Updated database tables of AssetDecisions and AssetList for M2 and M3 test results

11 10/09/2015

(1) AID 70360 added for potential distribution of Largetooth Sawfish (Pristis pristis (Pristis microdon)). Attributes in additional attribute look-up table tbl_Species_EPBC_PristisPristis.

(2) The (brief) explanation for M2 decisions has been updated based on advice from the project team, replacing detailed explanations which were truncated in the Assetlist and AssetDecisions tables. The detailed explanation is retained in the DecisionReason field of the AssetDecisions table. Note there are no changes to decision outcomes or numbers of assets on the asset register;

(3) The draft BA-LEB-GAL-130-WaterDependentAssetRegister-AssetList-V20150910.xlsx as has been updated as an output of this database. The brief M2_decision replaces the extended decision rationale that was included in the last version of the spreadsheet.

(4) x15 elements associated with the (single) asset named "No_Asset" (AID = 0) were removed from the database (deleted from the AssetList, Element_to_asset and ElementList tables, and also from the element and asset polygon layers). These polygons were exact duplicates of other elements from the same source dataset and had been previously grouped as "No_Asset". This action will not affect the asset count for the asset list or the water dependent asset register.

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (2013) Asset database for the Galilee subregion on 10 September 2015. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 12 December 2018, http://data.bioregionalassessments.gov.au/dataset/c22a13bf-07ea-4eaa-960d-79d488a50496.

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