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SYD ALL climate data statistics summary


The dataset was derived by the Bioregional Assessment Programme from multiple source datasets. The source datasets are identified in the Lineage field in this metadata statement. The processes undertaken to produce this derived dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement.

There are 4 csv files here:


Desc: Time series mean annual BAWAP rainfall from 1900 - 2012.

Source data: annual BILO rainfall on \wron\Project\BA\BA_N_Sydney\Working\li036_Lingtao_LI\Grids\BILO_Rain_Ann\


long term average BAWAP rainfall and Penman PET from 198101 - 201212 for each month


Values calculated over the years 1981 - 2012 (inclusive), for 17 time periods (i.e., annual, 4 seasons and 12 months) for the following 8 meteorological variables: (i) BAWAP_P; (ii) Penman ETp; (iii) Tavg; (iv) Tmax; (v) Tmin; (vi) VPD; (vii) Rn; and (viii) Wind speed. For each of the 17 time periods for each of the 8 meteorological variables have calculated the: (a) average; (b) maximum; (c) minimum; (d) average plus standard deviation (stddev); (e) average minus stddev; (f) stddev; and (g) trend


Correlation coefficients (-1 to 1) between rainfall and 4 remote rainfall drivers between 1957-2006 for the four seasons. The data and methodology are described in Risbey et al. (2009). All data used in this analysis came directly from James Risbey, CMAR, Hobart. As described in the Risbey et al. (2009) paper, the rainfall was from 0.05 degree gridded data described in Jeffrey et al. (2001 - known as the SILO datasets); sea surface temperature was from the Hadley Centre Sea Ice and Sea Surface Temperature dataset (HadISST) on a 1 degree grid. BLK=Blocking; DMI=Dipole Mode Index; SAM=Southern Annular Mode; SOI=Southern Oscillation Index; DJF=December, January, February; MAM=March, April, May; JJA=June, July, August; SON=September, October, November. The analysis is a summary of Fig. 15 of Risbey et al. (2009).

Dataset History

Dataset was created from various BILO source data, including Monthly BILO rainfall, Tmax, Tmin, VPD, etc, and other source data including monthly Penman PET (calculated by Randall Donohue), Correlation coefficient data from James Risbey

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (XXXX) SYD ALL climate data statistics summary. Bioregional Assessment Derived Dataset. Viewed 13 March 2019, http://data.bioregionalassessments.gov.au/dataset/b0a6ccf1-395d-430e-adf1-5068f8371dea.

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