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HUN Hydraulic properties v1


The dataset was compiled by the Bioregional Assessment Programme from multiple sources referenced within the dataset and/or metadata. The processes undertaken to compile this dataset are described in the History field in this metadata statement.

Note: This version is an intermediate dataset and not directly used in any products - Version 1 has been superseded by Version 2 - see lineage. Version 2 is identical except for conductivity-upscaling data added.

Contains hydraulic property measurements sourced from literature that are relevant for the Hunter subregion. The data mainly concerns hydraulic conductivity, but some transmissivity, specific storage and porosity data are also listed.

A total of 574 measurements are compiled in the "FullData" sheet which also lists (where available) the Bore/piezometer name, the formation name, the topography elevation, the minimum and maximum depth sampled in the test, the MGA56 East and North coordinates, the type of test, along with the results obtained.

The "Provenance" sheet lists the 21 publications from which these data were extracted. Mostly these are groundwater sections of mine Environmental Impact Statements.

The other sheets in this Excel file demonstrate some correlations, or lack of correlations, between the hydraulic properties and depth, stratigraphy and lithology.


The data and correlations guide the uncertainty analysis of the Hunter subregion uncertainty analysis.

Dataset History

The "Provenance" sheet within the Excel file contains a list of the publications from which the data was extracted. Only measurements in the publications that also contained data concerning all of the following were used: borehole or piezometer hole name; MGA East and North; depths or elevations; and formation name. Specification of the type of test was not mandatory but was recorded if available. The data was extracted by hand from the publications and typed into the "FullData" sheet within the Excel file.

Version 1 has been superseded - Version 2 is identical except that conductivity-upscaling data were added.

The source publications are as follows.

AGE (2009) Mt Arthur Coal Consolidation Project Groundwater Impact Assessment, Project No. G1446, June 2009 (Appendix N of the Mt Arthur Coal Consolidation Project Environmental Impact Assessment).

AGE (2012) Report on Drayton South Coal Project Groundwater Impact Assessment, Project No. G1544, October 2012 (Appendix C of the Drayton South Coal Project Gateway Application).

AGE (2013) Continuation of Bengalla Mine Groundwater Impact Assessment, Project No. G1505, June 2013 (Appendix K of the Bengalla Continuation Project Environmental Impact Assessment).

AGE (2014) Mount Thorley Operations 2014 Groundwater Assessment, Project No. G1468F, May 2014 (Appendix I of the Mt Throley Continuation Project Environmental Impact Statement).

BHP Billiton (2012) MAC-ENC-PRO-062 Ground Water Monitoring Program, August 2012.

Bickham Coal Company (2009) Bickham Coal Project Water Resource Assessment and Draft Water Management Plan, Part B Water Resource Assessment, March 2009.

Aquaterra (2008) Bloomfield Colliery Completion of Mining and Rehability Groundwater Impact Assessment, S05/R02g, September 2008 (Appendix I of Bloomfield's Environmental Impact Statement).

Aquaterra (2009) Bowmans Creek Diversion: Groundwater Impact Assessment Report, S55G/600/011G, October 2009 (Appendix 5 of Ashton's Environmental Impact Statement)

Douglas Partners (2013) Report on Hydrogeological Investigation and Monitoring, Project 49761.03-07, November 2013.

GeoTerra (2009) Integra Opern Cut Project and Open Cut Extension Groundwater Assessment, GC13-R1E, June 2009 (Appendix C of Integra Open Cut Extension Environmental Impact Assessment).

HydroSimulations (2013a) Spur Hill Underground Coking Coal Project: Gateway Aplication Preliminary Groundwater Assessment, Report HC2013/14, December 2013.

HydroSimulations (2013b) Wilpinjong Coal Mine Modification Groundwater Assessment, Report HC2013/11, July 2013 (Appendix C of Wilpinjong Coal Modification 5 Environmental Impast ASssessment).

Mackie Environmental Research (2006) Anvill Hill Project: Groundwater Management Studies, May 2006 (Appendix 8 of the Anvil Hill Project Environmental Impact Statement).

Mackie Environmental Research (2007) Mt Arthur Underground Project Environmental Assessment Groundwater Management Studies, September 2007 (Appendix 10 of the Mt Arthur Underground Environmental Assessment).

Mackie Environmental Research (2010) Carrington West Wing Modification Groundwater Assessment, March 2010 (Appendix C of Coal & Allied's Extension of Carrington Pit Environmental Assessment).

Mackie Environmental Research (2012) Ravensworth Underground Mine Assessment of Groundwater Impacts Associated with Modifications to Mining in the Liddell Seam, Report No. 605-080252/Rev5, March 2012 (Appendix L of Ravensworth's Environmental Impacts Statement)

Mackie Environmental Research (2013a) Assessment of Groundwater Related Impacts Arising From the Proposed Bulga Optimisation Project, Report No. 605-081507/Rev4, April 2013 (Appendix 11 of Bulga Optimisation Project Environmental Impact Statement).

Mackie Environmental Research (2013b) Wallarah 2 Coal Project Groundwater Impact Assessment, Report No. M7589/R6, February 2013 (Appendix I of Wallarah 2 Coal Project Environmental Impact Statement).

RPS Aquaterra (2011) Moolarben Stage 2 PPR Groundwater Impact Assessment, S6/S6N/019h, November 2011

RPS Aquaterra (2012) Tasman Extension Project Groundwater Assessment, S35/600/040f, June 2012 (Appendix B of the Tasman Extension Project Environmental Impact Statement).

SKM (2013) Liddell Coal Operations Modification 5 to Development Consent DA 305-11-01, April 2013

Dataset Citation

Bioregional Assessment Programme (2016) HUN Hydraulic properties v1. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 22 June 2018, http://data.bioregionalassessments.gov.au/dataset/54921261-3744-48d9-8aaf-6ea4fedc1de1.

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