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Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine surfacewater EC sites


This data and its metadata statement were supplied to the Bioregional Assessment Programme by a third party and are presented here as originally supplied.

The DNRM Water Measurement Information System Extract contains data collected from the State's Stream Gauging Station Network. This also includes an extract of water quality information. Refer to WMDP_UG_102014.pdf for the list of stream gauging stations managed by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Dataset History

The department operates the Stream Gauging Station Network primarily to fulfil legislative requirements under Part 3, s35 of the Water Act 2000 (Qld) to regularly measure and keep publicly available records of volume and quality of water in Queensland.

The network assesses the state's water resource availability by providing data for hydrologic analysis, operation and management activities to ensure the productive and responsible use of natural resources. The network also provides real time information to the Bureau of Meteorology to assist with flood forecasting services which are used by local authorities across Queensland to prepare for potential flood inundation.

The Stream Gauging Station Network consists of around 400 stream gauging stations across Queensland that collect height and flow information. In addition, around 170 of these sites also collect time series water quality information. The network is operated by departmental Hydrographic staff within an ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality management system. Stream flow measurements are an integral part of the production of volumetric data for stream gauging stations throughout Queensland. Hydrographic staff take measurements throughout the full range of low and flood flow conditions.

Gaps in data records

Gaps in data records are more to occur likely during extreme events, particularly for TSWQ stations, where the data is automatically audited and potentially erroneous data is prevented from being displayed (Unreported data).

Data validation

DNRM is endeavouring to validate data as quickly as possible. Our performance indicator aims for data to be validated is within 160 days. You may wish to request updated information periodically to be supplied with the current validated data.

With respect to use of data:

Unvalidated data (Quality Code 130) has not been rigorously assessed and the data is quality coded to indentify this. These data should by used with care as they may change after validation. These data should only be used by persons who are familiar with the characteristics of streamflow information.

Validated data are data that has been assessed and is the best available quality at the time, however the data should always be interpreted taking into account the quality codes that have been applied.

Hydrologic advice should be sought to assist with any interpretation.

Water monitoring sites

Please see How water is monitored for further information on the departments water quality and quantity monitoring networks.

Current TS and water quality data Quality Codes

The Quality Codes the department currently uses are listed in the table below. These may be seen when viewing recent data.

Description Print Quality Code Quality Code Height (m) Flow Rain (mm) EC (S/cm) Temp (C) PH DO (mg/L)

Good 10

Water level below threshold (no flow) B 15

Fair 20

Poor 30

Estimate E 60

Interim 130

applies to time series data type

Print Quality Code reflects the numerical Quality Code on pre-computed outputs

All current and historic data Quality Codes

The complete list of all current and historical Quality Codes are shown in the table below. Historical codes are indicated in italics and may be seen when viewing historical data, DNRM does not employ them in routine operations.

Description Print Quality Code Quality Code

Good (Actual reading) 1

Historical data code 9

Good 10

Water level below threshold (no flow) B 15

Fair 20

Good daily records (BoM data) 26

Poor 30

Gauging temp - Good 31

Gauging temp - Fair 32

Gauging temp - Poor 33

Gauging temp - Composite 34

Gauging temp - Suspect instrument 35

Gauging temp - Derived measurement 36

Gauging temp - Discharge correlated 37

Gauging temp - Data of no value 39

Derived height (CITEC data) * 59

Estimate E 60

Derived discharge * 69

Back water affected (CITEC data) 79

Accumulated rainfall (BoM data) 80

Wet days within period 81

Rainfall (non-standard) 83

Gauge height > instrument threshold 119

Historic water quality data, Fair 125

Not coded (unvalidated data) * 130

Interim I 140

Unknown quality U 150

Unreported data Blank value field 151







Italics applies to historically used data QualityCodes

Print Quality Code reflects the numerical Quality Code on pre-computed outputs

Dataset Citation

Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines (2015) Maranoa-Balonne-Condamine surfacewater EC sites. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset. Viewed 11 April 2016, http://data.bioregionalassessments.gov.au/dataset/4e7f862a-573c-440d-9974-7b83afc50db9.

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