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Statistics for July 2015:

Dataset Views
Location of Centrelink Offices 3036 66
Location of Medicare Offices 2624 66
DSS Payment Demographic Data 918 183
ACNC Registered Charities 889 153
[Superseded] Intellectual Property Government Open Data 2015 724 208
Overseas Arrivals and Departures 631 236
NSW Local Government Areas - PSMA Administrative Boundaries 619 125
ABC Local Online Photo Stories 2009-2014 611 133
ABN Bulk Extract 478 80
Budget 2015-16 Tables and Data 465 91
ACT Magistrates Court – Judgements 452 21
Energy Rating Data for household appliances – Labelled Products 447 94
ACNC 2013 Annual Information Statement data 440 101
National Public Toilet Map 402 45
Taxation Statistics 2012-13 373 570
Television Broadcast Data Archive 1978-2011 325 89
NSW Suburb/Locality Boundaries - PSMA Administrative Boundaries 324 62
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