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Statistics for all months

Dataset Views
Community Reports of Poor or No Mobile Coverage 8674 2243
MyBroadband datacube 7528 906
Mobile Black Spot Program - Round 1 Funded Base Stations 5582 495
Telecommunications in New Developments 4271 913
Mobile Black Spot Program - Round 2 Funded Base Stations 2837 196
Open Data 500 Australia - Responses 325 66
  • "Views" is the number of times a page was loaded in users' browsers.
  • "Downloads" is the number of times a user has clicked to download either an original or cached resource for a particular dataset. Download information is only available from 2nd December 2012; 'No data' is shown for records before that date.
  • These usage statistics are confined to users with javascript enabled, which excludes web crawlers and API calls.
  • The results are not shown when the number of views/visits is tiny. Where these relate to site pages, results are available in full in the CSV download. Where these relate to users' web browser information, results are not disclosed, for privacy reasons.