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Tags: planning

  • Vegetation protection order

    This layer identifies properties which contain vegetation protection orders. City Plan Version 3
  • Biodiversity areas

    This layer identifies areas of environmental significance, specifically protected areas, coastal wetlands and islands core habitat system, Hinterland core habitat system,...
  • Local significant species

    This layer identifies essential habitat and recorded locations of protected species listed under Queensland’s Nature Conservation Act 1992 and Vegetation Management Act 1999 and...
  • Regulated vegetation

    This layer identifies regulated vegetation. City Plan Version 3
  • Vegetation management

    This layer identifies general, medium and high priority value vegetation. City Plan Version 3
  • Flood assessment required

    This layer identifies areas potentially affected by flood inundation. This layer does not define flood height.
  • Landslide hazard

    This layer defines areas throughout the City which are affected by moderate, high and very high landslide risk and steep slopes.
  • Woongoolba flood mitigation catchment area

    This layer identifies the location of the Woongoolba Flood Mitigation Catchment Area.
  • Industry interface area

    This layer manages development that may have an adverse impact on the current or future viability of high impact industry uses
  • Minimum lot size

    Defines the minimum lot size applied to industrial land in Yatala and some Rural residential zoned land to ensure larger lot sizes of 2000 or 4000 sqm.
  • Residential density

    This layer defines residential densities which are not consistent with residential densities in the zone codes.
  • Ridges and significant hills protection

    This layer defines ridges and significant hills within the city where development is to be regulated to protect the scenic and environmental value of these areas.
  • Pacific Motorway service roads

    This layer defines the service roads for the Pacific Motorway service roads overlay.
  • Mudgeeraba village character

    As a result of the 2003 Planning Schemes LAP conversion process an overlay map with this layer was created to ensure that the character of the Mudgeeraba village is retained.
  • Light rail urban renewal area

    Defines the boundary of the Light Rail Urban Renewal area where development is to be intensified.
  • Community infrastructure

    Critical community infrastructure, the layers contribute to the City Plan Industry, community infrastructure and agriculture land interface area overlay.
  • Extractive resource

    Areas in the Extractive industry zone where development is restricted to low impact uses that are ancillary to and directly support the continued operation of extractive industry.
  • Agriculture land

    Areas being used for agriculture purposes, only mapped within the Rural zone.
  • Dwelling house

    This layer includes all properties located in a residential zone. These zones include: Low density residential zone (including precincts), Medium density residential zone...
  • Building height

    This layer contains building heights which are not consistent with the zoning heights for the City of Gold Coast