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Tags: recreation

  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Swimming Pool locations

    This dataset contains the names, opening times, location, disability access and parking information relating to Brisbane City Council's swimming pools.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Waterway health — Recreational

    Brisbane City Council monitors the quality of waterways to ensure the public is not exposed to unnecessary health risk. Council monitors the water quality at 11 sites in the...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Park Facilities and Item counts

    A record of the total number of parks facilities and items in Brisbane City Council area, listed by item type. It includes Item type, quantity and description.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Park Facilities and Assets locations

    List of parks and their assets in Brisbane City Council area including park number, park name, node id, node use, node name, item id, item type, item name, description,...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Brisbane CityCycle — Station locations

    CityCycle is part of Brisbane City Council’s plan to get more people riding, reduce traffic congestion and ease demand for parking in the inner city. Provided in this dataset is...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Boat Ramp locations

    Brisbane City Council area list of boat ramp locations and spatial data files.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Tracks and Trails

    This layer contains data about Tracks and Trails within Brisbane City Council conservation areas that are used for public recreation.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Planned Burns History

    Approximate geographic extent of planned burns carried out in the Brisbane City Council area. This data is collected following the planned burns being carried out and is used as...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Public drinking fountain taps

    List of public drinking fountain taps in Brisbane. Includes ward, suburb, property code, park name, node id, node name, item id, item type, item description, easting/northing...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Council golf courses

    This datasets contains information, opening times and locations related to Brisbane City Council golf courses.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Movies

    This dataset contains information on Council organised Movie events, includes location, times and dates.