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  • business

    Business Support and Regulation

    Formulating policy to regulate and support the private sector, including...

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  • civic

    Civic Infrastructure

    Developing policy to support the growth of towns and cities. Implementing...

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  • communications


    Supporting the growth and management of industries that facilitate the...

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  • community

    Community Services

    Developing policy to assist citizens in a particular district or those with...

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  • cultural

    Cultural Affairs

    Developing policy to support the arts and cultural organisations such as...

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  • defence


    Ensuring the safety of Australia by building, maintaining and deploying...

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  • education

    Education and Training

    EducationaFormulating policy to support programs that provide skills and...

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  • employment


    Formulating policy to support employment growth and regulate public or...

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  • environment


    Developing policy to support the management of the surrounding natural and...

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  • finance

    Finance Management

    Developing policy for the administration of public funds and other resources....

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  • governance


    Executing legislative processes in Houses of Parliament, assemblies or...

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  • health

    Health Care

    Providing and coordinating programs for the prevention, diagnosis and...

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  • immigration


    Assisting people wishing to enter Australia on a permanent or temporary...

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  • indigenous

    Indigenous Affairs

    Developing policy to support the advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait...

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  • international

    International Relations

    Building and maintaining relationships with other countries and international...

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  • justice

    Justice Administration

    Developing, interpreting and applying legislation, regulations or by-laws....

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  • maritime

    Maritime Services

    Developing policy to regulate use of the sea as a means of transport....

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  • natural

    Natural Resources

    Developing policy for the sustainable use and management of energy, mineral,...

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  • primary

    Primary Industries

    Developing policy to support and regulate rural and marine industries....

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  • sciences


    Developing policy and standards to support research and systematic studies....

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  • security


    Maintaining the safety of Australia at all levels of society. Developing...

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