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  • DSS Payment Demographic Data

    The DSS Payment Demographic data set is made up of: Selected DSS payment data by Geography: state/territory; electorate; postcode , LGA and SA2 (for 2015 onwards)...
  • DSS Payments by 2016 Commonwealth Electoral Division

    This is a machine readable file containing DSS payments by 2016 Commonwealth Electoral Division for use in National Map. Please see the DSS Demographic Data available here...
  • DSS Payment Demographic Data for Young Carers

    The DSS Payment Demographic Data for Young Carers provides a summary of the demographic profile of Carer Payment and Carer Allowance recipients aged under 25. The data contains...
  • Job Placements

    The jobactive Job Placements table provides data on jobactive job placements. The table includes provider information, vacancy details, job seeker characteristics at the time of...
  • Small Area Labour Markets

    The Small Area Labour Markets publication presents regional estimates of unemployment, labour force and the unemployment rate for the Australian Statistical Geography Standard...
  • Labour Force

    This publication contains estimates of the civilian labour force derived from the Labour Force Survey component of the Monthly Population Survey.
  • Results from other Australian data portals

  • From data.sa.gov.au Thriving Communities Indicator Dataset

    Indicators describing the levels of different aspects of wellbeing within the South Australian population: Children -Children aged less than 15 years living in jobless families,...
  • From data.sa.gov.au SASP Target 49 - Unemployment

    Maintain equal or lower than the Australian average through to 2020
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