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  • From data.nsw.gov.au Energy Savings Action Plans

    Large NSW businesses, government agencies and local councils were required to prepare Energy Savings Action Plans (ESAPs) to identify a range of cost-effective and potentially...
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Parking Space Levy assessments

    Dataset includes total number of liable car parks, client identifiers, car park location, category, number of spaces and number of liable spaces. Also included in the dataset...
  • From data.nsw.gov.au National Assessment Program, Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) 2010

    A table of data showing NSW students performance compared to national average. More than one million students from Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sat the tests across the nation.
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Mobile Phone Offences

    Mobile phone penalty notices issued by the NSW Police Force, by financial year, local area command and offence.
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Transfer Duty - total

    Includes number of transactions and duty paid for property, sale of business, superannuation and nominal duty by financial year.
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Non-fatal Shootings Statistics in NSW

    This table provides information on the short (2 year), medium (5 year), and long (10 year) term trends in the number of incidents of non-fatal shootings recorded by the NSW...
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Police-issued Speeding Offences

    Speeding penalty notices issued by the NSW Police Force, by financial year, local area command, speed band and zone type.
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Legal Aid NSW advice service

    Legal Aid NSW advice service (includes geographic coordinates of Legal Aid NSW offices and Outreach services)
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Energy Efficiency for Small Business

    The Energy Efficiency for Small Business (EESB) program began in February 2009 and ended on 31 December 2012. The program provided eligible small businesses with on-site energy...
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Population Ageing in New South Wales, December 2008

    Data downloads of the following themes (catalogue number 4106.1): Prevention and early intervention The Workforce Participation in Society Care and Support
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Business Park Precincts Development Status

    This data identifies, at the lot level, the development status and area (in hectares) of business park precincts from the Employment Lands Development Program (ELDP) 2015...
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Fire & Rescue NSW Annual Statistical Reports

    Information and statistics on fires and other emergency incidents extracted from the Australian Incident Reporting System (AIRS).
  • From data.nsw.gov.au apps4nsw sample data

    Learners and Employers List
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data

    Data download of results from the on-going quarterly Survey of Tourist Accommodation (STA) for the following categories of establishments (catalogue number 8635.1.55.00):...
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Solar Bonus Scheme

    The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme (SBS) provides a feed-in tariff for eligible customers with small-scale solar or wind generators that are connected to the grid. The program commenced...
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Criminal Infringement Notice Scheme (CINS) offences

    Criminal Infringement Notice Scheme (CINS) penalty notices issued by NSW Police by area command, financial year and offence.
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Gender and disability Workforce Profile data

    Information about the characteristics of the NSW public sector workforce is available from the NSW Public Sector Workforce Profile.
  • From data.nsw.gov.au NSW Household and Dwelling Projections

    Projection data for New South Wales are available to the year 2041; and for Regional NSW, Sydney, Illawarra, Lower Hunter & Central Coast and all Local Government Areas...
  • From data.nsw.gov.au First Home Duty Exemptions

    First Home Duty Exemptions, including the number of exemptions granted and exemption value by financial year and postcode.
  • From data.nsw.gov.au Parking Offences

    Parking related penalty notices issued by issuing authority, financial year and offence.
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