Use Cases featuring PSMA Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF)

  • gnaf-ssis-data-loader

    GNAF SSIS Data Loader

    Load GNAF data to MSSQL or any Ole DB supported database like oracle. Generic, simplified and easy to use SSIS package. Loads all the data within an hour (depends on machine...
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  • addressify


    Addressify is a cloud based web API that allows web site, web form, mobile app and desktop application developers to easily implement Australian address verification,...
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  • gnaf-loader


    A Python script for quickly loading the complete G-NAF and PSMA Administrative Boundaries into Postgres, simplified and ready to use as reference data for address validation,...
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  • nrma-insurance-safer-homes

    NRMA Insurance Safer Homes

    Safer Homes helps improve your understanding of insurance and the risks you face in your local area. It allows you to see the level of flood & bushfire risk at the property...
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  • mappify-io

    Free geocoding, reverse geocoding and coordinate classification service
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