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RAN CTD Profile Data - HMAS LEEUWIN ProjectID: HI416LEE_H From: 2006-02-09 To: 2006-04-23

This dataset contains quality controlled vertical profiles of pressure, temperature and salinity measured by a Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) probe. The dataset contains 8 CTD profiles (casts) obtained during RAN Hydrographic Survey cruise HI416LEE_H from HMAS LEEUWIN.

The CTD was manufactured by Falmouth Scientific and is the "2-inch Micro CTD" model. This CTD type is referred to operationally as the HS_CTD. This CTD is fitted within an inductive type conductivity cell, a platinum thermometer and silicon pressure sensor.

The CTD temperature sensor is calibrated on the ITS-90 temperature scale against a master CTD using a controlled temperature bath. The pressure sensor is calibrated using a Druck Pressure Calibrator. The conductivity sensor is calibrated in a temperature controlled bath against seawater samples of known conductivity.

The HS_CTD is lowered and raised by a hand winch sampling at a rate of 1.83 Hz. Data files were recorded in the downcast and upcast direction but most data is from downcasts due to higher quality. Raw CTD pressure data is not always monotonic due to transient up/down motion of winch/ship. Raw pressure data is subsetted to give a monotonic (increasing) sequence and then linearly interpolated to 1 decibar pressure intervals and converted to netCDF format files. Data is then flagged with quality control flags after visual inspection and comparison to average climatology and historical CTD casts.

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Title RAN CTD Profile Data - HMAS LEEUWIN ProjectID: HI416LEE_H From: 2006-02-09 To: 2006-04-23
Type Dataset
Language English
Licence Other
Data Status inactive
Landing Page https://data.gov.au/dataset/2a20ec75-e352-4a65-b5f8-d8d8f9111c2c
Date Published 2016-09-02
Date Updated 2016-09-02
Contact Point
Royal Australian Navy
Geospatial Coverage {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[140.41167, -38.34667], [153.72333, -38.34667], [153.72333, -16.94117], [140.41167, -16.94117], [140.41167, -38.34667]]]}
Jurisdiction Commonwealth of Australia
Data Portal Navy Meteorology and Oceanography (METOC) CSW Harvester
Publisher/Agency Royal Australian Navy
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