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Gazetteer of Australia 2012 Release

The Gazetteer provides information on the location and spelling of more than 370,000 geographical names across Australia as at January 2012. The supply of data is coordinated by the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping and derived from State, Territory and Australian Government agencies. Copyright of the Gazetteer data resides with the relevant state, territory and Australian Government agencies which are custodians of the data.

The Gazetteer fields include:
- Record ID - unique feature identifier for each feature. - Authority ID - custodian state or territory. - State ID - state or territory which contains the feature. - Name - name of the feature. - Feature Code - code indicating the type of feature - Status - indicates whether the name is authorised. - Variant name - variant or alternative name used for the feature. - Postcode - Postcode for the feature. - Concise Gazetteer - indicates whether the feature is included in the concise gazetteer. - Longitude - longitude of the feature in decimal degrees. - Latitude - latitude of the feature in decimal degrees. - 100K map number - 1:100 000 scale map number in which the feature is located. - CGDN - indicates whether the place name can be used in the state.au second level domains by community website portals which reflect community interests.

Product specifications: - Coverage: Australia - Currency: 2012 - Coordinates: Geographical - Datum: GDA94 - Format: Microsoft Access Database, KML, GML - Medium: WEB - Forward Program: Annual revision

Please note: The custodians of the place name data do not guarantee that the data is free from errors and omissions. If possible errors or omissions in the data are identified, please contact gazetteer@ga.gov.au Corrections are forwarded to the State and Territories, Name Authorities for clarification. Updates will appear in subsequent revisions of the Gazetteer.

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Field Value
Title Gazetteer of Australia 2012 Release
Type Dataset
Language English
Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Data Status inactive
Update Frequency asNeeded
Landing Page https://data.gov.au/dataset/8f30d313-a3d3-4544-8e2f-810168777b06
Date Published 2017-06-25
Date Updated 2018-06-26
Geospatial Coverage {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[45.0, -80.5], [170.0, -80.5], [170.0, -9.5], [45.0, -9.5], [45.0, -80.5]]]}
Jurisdiction Commonwealth of Australia
Data Portal Geoscience Australia CSW Harvester
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