December 2013 - Payment recipients by payment ...


December 2013 - Payment recipients by payment type by state and territory by age group


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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Payment_type text
ACT_Under_16 text
ACT_16_24 text
ACT_24_and_under text
ACT_25_34 text
ACT_35_44 text
ACT_45_54 text
ACT_55_64 text
ACT_65_and_over text
ACT_Total text
NSW_Under_16 text
NSW_16_24 text
NSW_24_and_under text
NSW_25_34 text
NSW_35_44 text
NSW_45_54 text
NSW_55_64 text
NSW_65_and_over text
NSW_Total text
NT_Under_16 text
NT_16_24 text
NT_24_and_under text
NT_25_34 text
NT_35_44 text
NT_45_54 text
NT_55_64 text
NT_65_and_over text
NT_Total text
QLD_Under_16 text
QLD_16_24 text
QLD_24_and_under text
QLD_25_34 text
QLD_35_44 text
QLD_45_54 text
QLD_55_64 text
QLD_65_and_over text
QLD_Total text
SA_Under_16 text
SA_16_24 text
SA_24_and_under text
SA_25_34 text
SA_35_44 text
SA_45_54 text
SA_55_64 text
SA_65_and_over text
SA_Total text
TAS_Under_16 text
TAS_16_24 text
TAS_24_and_under text
TAS_25_34 text
TAS_35_44 text
TAS_45_54 text
TAS_55_64 text
TAS_65_and_over text
TAS_Total text
VIC_Under_16 text
VIC_16_24 text
VIC_24_and_under text
VIC_25_34 text
VIC_35_44 text
VIC_45_54 text
VIC_55_64 text
VIC_65_and_over text
VIC_Total text
WA_Under_16 text
WA_16_24 text
WA_24_and_under text
WA_25_34 text
WA_35_44 text
WA_45_54 text
WA_55_64 text
WA_65_and_over text
WA_Total text
Other_Under_16 text
Other_16_24 text
Other_24_and_under text
Other_25_34 text
Other_35_44 text
Other_45_54 text
Other_55_64 text
Other_65_and_over text
Other_Total text
Australia_Under_16 text
Australia_16_24 text
Australia_24_and_under text
Australia_25_34 text
Australia_35_44 text
Australia_45_54 text
Australia_55_64 text
Australia_65_and_over text
Australia_Total text

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