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  • Open Trade Mark Applications - Rejection or Oppositon s42(a)

    Thank you for this wonderful data initiative. I would like to have a list of trade mark applications that have been rejected by the Registrar or opposed on grounds of TMA s42...
    4 months ago
  • Open Tourism Research Australia Raw Data

    Raw data from the Tourism Research Australia (TRA) International Visitors Survey (IVS) and National Visitors Survey (NVS). This is a large publicly funded research project for...
    5 months ago
  • Open Shapefiles for Summaries of AFMA log book data

    Good afternoon, Is it possible to get access to shapefiles of Summaries of AFMA log book data on effort distribution for Commonwealth fisheries in the Australian Exclusive...
    5 months ago
  • Open Atlas of Australian Marine Fishing and Coastal Communities (2000 - 2002)

    Good morning, I am trying to track down a copy of 'Atlas of Australian Marine Fishing and Coastal Communities'. The link page produces an error...
    5 months ago
  • Open Public Housing Dwellings by Tenanted Status by Suburb

    Could I please request a data set that shows the following columns; Suburb, Count of Tenanted Dwellings, Count of Vacant Dwellings Department of Housing (Western Australia)...
    5 months ago
  • Open Product safety recall data

    A CSV or Excel data set of product safety recalls would be a valuable resource for analysis of several relevant factors. The data is publicly available but more or less locked...
    5 months ago
  • Open ACNC dataset for Annual Information Statement 2016

    Hi It appears the ACNC dataset for the 2016 Annual Information Statements is not available. Can I get a copy and if not can you tell when it might be available? Thanks Neil
    5 months ago
  • Open WA vehicle registration details

    Is an API available to lookup vehicle details based on a registration number? We require this information at a government utility company in WA and mainly for WA vehicles, but...
    5 months ago
  • Open Time series of average business income by post code

    A panel data set with the values of average annual business income by postcode in NSW from year ended 30 June 2006 to year ended 30 June 2017.
    5 months ago
  • Open Parliamentarians Expenditure (IPEA

    The IPEA is a new statutory body charged with monitoring expenses for MPs and their staff. http://www.ipea.gov.au/reporting/index.html Is somebody making sure they release this...
    5 months ago