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  • Closed testy test

    19 days ago
  • Closed GCCSA defining data

    I need data that would define the GCCSA boundaries, and can be linked with the G-NAF dataset
    24 days ago
  • Closed Australia Eelectoral Commission monthly data from Comm Law Gazette

    The AEC gazettes the number of electors enrolled in each Division as at the date indicated and for each State and the Australian Capital Territory. Could the recent history...
    29 days ago
  • Closed Environmental Pollution

    Details of all substance emmissions from coal fired power stations for 2017 year broken up into individual pollutants
    1 month ago
  • Closed Vicotian Railway Assets

    CSV list of all metropolitan railway stations with GPS coordinates
    4 months ago
  • Closed NSW Postcodes Boundaries shapefile format

    Can I please have a free NSW Postcodes Boundaries in shapefile format Can you please organise your search system so that if you type the word "postcode", it comes up. Thanks
    10 months ago
  • Closed PhD

    De-identified pathology blood test
    10 months ago
  • Closed Financial Adviser Dataset

    Please provide back data for the 'ASIC-Financial Advisers Dataset'. Ie. the data for each month from January 2016 - June 2017. Thanks
    10 months ago
  • Closed NSW Traffic Volumes

    Half hourly traffic volumes for all stations in NSW for the last 3 years. You can download data for specific periods from here...
    11 months ago