Australians of the Year

Request for Australians of the Year as an open data set

I'd love an opendata set of the Australians of the Year, preferably in something machine readable like JSON. A reference data format / API can be found on the Nobel Prize website, and a similar format would work really well.

Important elements for this data set

In considering this data set, the important elements to hold would be Name Honorific (Prof, Mr, Ms, Dr, etc) Awards (AM, OM, CVE etc) Description of service Gender (non binary please) Type of award - such as Young Australian, Senior Australian State or Territory Long/Lat of where they're based Year of Award URL to public domain or CC image AotY's website / blog / Twitter <- may open to abuse? Institute or Organisation they represent

Kind regards, Kathy

Additional Info

Creator Kathy Reid
Organisation Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Created 10 months ago
Closed Not closed yet
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