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  • Open 400 visa data

    Hi there, I am trying to track down time series data for 400 visa stock and grants for some research. could you please assist? All the best, Matt
    1 day ago
  • Open GP visits

    Hi Im looking for anonymous data of GP visits across NSW. the data set can be 1. Visit date and time 2. patient age or age group 3. Patient sex (M/F) 4. GP (location)
    1 day ago
  • Open NT, QLD, TAS Local Government Areas (LGAs)

    Hi - I would like to request a shapefile of Northern Territory, Queensland, and Tasmania Local Government Areas at the same scale as the others at...
    1 day ago
  • Open Oil and Gas Pipeline information

    Hi I am looking for a table of all the oil and gas pipelines in Australia. I am currently researching a paper and want to be able to compare data across the assets in terms of...
    3 days ago
  • Open Child care service provdiers

    I need the full list with address and contact number and any other public information of Child care service providers in Australia of any type registered by government.
    4 days ago

    6 days ago
  • Open Tariff Concession Orders

    I would like to access a database of Tariff Concession Orders, including the number, operable date, description, stated use, applicant name, and details of revocation if...
    18 days ago
  • Open Bin collection day

    Need data for bin collection days and kerbside collection days with respective street names from all the councils.
    18 days ago
  • Open Permanent residents

    I am a PhD student at the University of Adelaide, and I am wanting data on the number of New Zealanders who have been granted permanent residence between 2008-2017.
    20 days ago
  • Open The annual number of red light/ speeding camera in different location in NSW

    Hello, I am a student in The university of Sydney. I am doing a project about traffic safety in NSW and I really hope to acquire the data about the number of red light/...
    21 days ago