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  • Closed test

    4 days ago
  • Open Political Donations

    All political donations for all political parties as far back as records allow
    5 days ago
  • Open Lift/slope geometries for skiing areas

    If such data exists, could this be made available similar to various open data initiatives in Europe ?
    5 days ago
  • Open Speed limit content for NSW

    I would like to have the speed limit information for the entire NSW in point format
    6 days ago
  • Open Sydney Bike Rack Data

    Information on the location of public bike racks available in the Sydney area, that is, the places where people can lock their bycicles. I'd like to have informations such as:...
    10 days ago
  • Open Hearing Services

    Please provide the full list of hearing service provider in Australia
    15 days ago
  • Open Health Promotion Charity, Public benevolent Institution, public hospital or p...

    Hi, I am looking for a list of ABNs of entities that are either: Health Promotion Charity, Public benevolent Institution, Public hospital or Public ambulance....
    16 days ago
  • Closed Not for Profit Entities

    i am looking to obtain the ABN data for all not for profit organisations in Australia. Data to include: ABN ABN status and date Entity type Legal name Business name(s) Trading...
    17 days ago
  • Open Current list of Australia Childcare centre Development Application Approvals

    Hi, I am seeking to obtain a current listing of Australian Childcare Centre approved development application locations by site (i.e. Street, State) and date of approval...
    17 days ago
  • Open List of all Australian child care services

    Good day, I'm looking for a list of all Australian child care centres, particularly containing addresses, as well as (if possible) a service type, a website, a phone number and...
    19 days ago