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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
ApplStandard text
MEPSComp text
N-Standard text
Model_No text
Family Name text
avg_pwr_standby_mode text
Brand text
C-Dehumid_Rated text
Configuration1 text
Configuration2 text
Configuration2-unitmount text
Configuration3_Sink text
Configuration3_Source text
Country text
C-Power_Inp_Rated text
C-Sens_Cool_Rated text
C-Total Cool Rated text
Depth text
H2_COP text
H2_HeatPwrCapacity text
H2_HeatPwrInput text
Height text
H-Power_Inp_Rated text
H-Total Heat Rated text
indoorType text
EERtestAvg text
COPtestAvg text
Invert text
Setting_cool text
Setting_heat text
Pnoc text
Pnoh text
VSCP_EER50 text
VSCP_COP50 text
eermepslev text
TestedOutputEER text
TestedOutputCOP text
AnnualOutputEER text
AnnualOutputCOP text
sri2010_cool text
sri2010_heat text
Star2010_Cool text
Star2010_Heat text
outdoortype text
Phase text
Refrigerant text
Sold_in text
Submit_ID text
ExpDate text
GrandDate text
SubmitStatus text
Type text
Width text
Product Class text
Demand Response 1 text
Demand Response 2 text
Demand Response 4 text
Demand Response 5 text
Demand Response 6 text
Demand Response 7 text
PartNumber text
EER text
Availability Status text
star2000_cool text
star2000_heat text
Product Website text
Representative Brand URL text
Variable Output Compressor text
Star Image Large text
Star Image Small text
Registration Number text
Is variable speed text
Type variable output text
Var output compressor text
Variable output rated as fixed sp text
No HSPF text
Rated Total Cool Capacity W text
Rated cooling power input kW text
Have T1 half cap results text
T1_half_cap_power_rated text
T1_half_cap_cooling_cap_rated text
Have T1 min cap results text
T1_min_cap_power_rated text
T1_min_cap_cooling_cap_rated text
Have low temp cool full cap results text
Low temp cooling full cap power rated text
Low temp cooling full cap rated text
Have low temp cool half cap results text
Low temp cooling half cap power rated text
Low temp cooling half cap rated text
Have low temp cool min cap results text
Low temp cooling min cap power rated text
Low temp cooling min cap rated text
Rated Heating Capacity watts text
Rated heating power input kW text
H1_half_cap_power_rated text
H1_half_cap_heat_cap_rated text
Have H1 min cap results text
H1_min_cap_power_rated text
H1_min_cap_heat_cap_rated text
Have H2 extended mode results text
H2_ext_cap_power_rated text
H2_ext_cap_heat_cap_rated text
Have H2 full mode results text
H2_full_cap_power_rated text
H2_full_cap_heat_cap_rated text
Have H2 half capacity results text
H2_half_cap_power_rated text
H2_half_cap_heat_cap_rated text
Have H2 min capacity results text
H2_min_cap_power_rated text
H2_min_cap_heat_cap_rated text
Have H3 extended mode results text
H3_ext_cap_power_rated text
H3_ext_cap_heat_cap_rated text
Have H3 full mode results text
H3_full_cap_power_rated text
H3_full_cap_heat_cap_rated text
Have H3 half capacity results text
H3_half_cap_power_rated text
H3_half_cap_heat_cap_rated text
indoor_sound_level text
outdoor_sound_level text
Residential TCSPF_cold text
Residential TCSPF_mixed text
Residential TCSPF_hot text
Commercial TCSPF_cold text
Commercial TCSPF_mixed text
Commercial TCSPF_hot text
Residential tcec_cold text
Residential tcec_mixed text
Residential tcec_hot text
Commercial tcec_cold text
Commercial tcec_mixed text
Commercial tcec_hot text
c_star_cold text
c_star_mixed text
c_star_hot text
Residential HSPF_cold text
Residential HSPF_mixed text
Residential HSPF_hot text
Commercial HSPF_cold text
Commercial HSPF_mixed text
Commercial HSPF_hot text
Residential thec_cold text
Residential thec_mixed text
Residential thec_hot text
Commercial thec_cold text
Commercial thec_mixed text
Commercial thec_hot text
h_star_cold text
h_star_mixed text
h_star_hot text
Outdoor unit only text
Have_water_tank text
Rated cool power input with water text
Rated cool cap with water W text
Rated cool cap with water kW text
Residential tcec_cold with water text
Residential tcec_mixed with water text
Residential tcec_hot with water text
PIA inoperative power text
Rated AEER text
Rated ACOP text

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