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Dataset Views
Location of Medicare Offices 382040 7952
Location of Centrelink Offices 207998 2705
Social Security, Health and Related Information 5923 783
Social Security Payments by Federal Electorates 4200 760
Australian Government Indigenous Programs & Policy Locations (AGIL) dataset 3794 785
Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) - Group Statistics Report 2854 459
Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) - Items by Patient Demographics Report 2578 501
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) - Item Report 2207 364
Australian Organ Donor Register (AODR) Statistics 2106 436
Department of Human Services Annual Report 800 116
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) - Patient Category Report 790 129
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) - Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Report 750 135
Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) Operations Summary 397 48
Overview of the Department of Veterans' Affairs Claiming Channels 386 76
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