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Site Usage City of Gold Coast

Statistics for all months

Dataset Views
City of Gold Coast Road Closures 2213 208
Address and zone data 1064 116
Fibre Optic Cable 443 46
Animal Pound Statistics 435 48
Road Segments 433 67
Sewers 401 87
Public Toilets 369 54
Flora and Fauna 348 37
Broadbeach Visitor Numbers 311 45
Building height 287 29
City of Gold Coast Flood Levels 265 20
City Plan Zone 232 78
City of Gold Coast Contracts 231 46
Dwelling house 217 18
Bushfire hazard area 203 35
Heritage 181 42
Agriculture land 171 33
Vegetation protection order 168 22
Gold Coast Bus Shelters 162 35
Sewer Pipes Pressurised 156 42
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