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  • digital-tv-antennas-android-app

    Digital TV Antennas Android App

    This application helps you discover digital TV transmitters close to you and it helps you find the bearing from your location so that you can point you antenna to catch those...
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  • wabi-wa-biographical-index

    WABI – WA Biographical Index

    WABI - The Western Australian Biographical Index has recently been transcribed and made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia [Open Data] License. This...
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  • openwage


    OpenWage represents average Australian salaries and their changes by occupation, state and region.
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  • coastadapt


    Supporting coastal decision makers to manage the risks associated with climate change. CoastAdapt is an online coastal climate risk management framework developed by NCCARF to...
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  • put-a-bird-on-it

    Put a Bird on it

    GovHack 2016 Entry Did you know that in Australia, there are some 828 species of birds! So wouldn’t it be nice if our gadgets could tweet, chirp and cheep Australian bird...
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  • colourful-past

    Colourful Past

    Govhack 2016 Entry Colourful Past aims to create an immediate and lasting connection to our shared past, by giving you a channel to browse recorded in library or archive...
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  • ihero


    Govhack 2016 entry Our project ''iHero" is a web application that uses facial recognition to search Australian service photos across various conflicts as captured by the State...
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  • publicknowledge


    A clearinghouse for federal government budget and operational information.
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  • love-me-tender

    Love Me Tender

    Love Me Tender is a platform for government agencies and suppliers to find their perfect match. It provides a better way to access Australian government contracts listed on...
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  • wotsgoingon-com


    WotsGoingOn is a discovery engine to find stuff happening around you. Set a search radius. Go search. Get details. Get directions. Share with your friends. It really is that...
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  • visualise-your-unspsc-spend

    Visualise your UNSPSC Spend

    A graphing tool to quickly visualise and interact with UNSPSC spend data with sample datasets from data.gov.au. The tool allows users to add in UNSPSC codes and corresponding...
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  • open-data-and-australian-history

    Open Data and Australian History

    Explore 10,000+ photographs of Queenslanders across time and geography as well as 250+ historical maps of Australia dating from 1552 to 1950. The application allows to navigate...
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  • mappify-io


    Free geocoding, reverse geocoding and coordinate classification service
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  • openaus-tenders


    OpenAus:Tenders provides tenders data totalled by party, electorate and government going back to 1999. Users can find tenders going to their postcode, federal electorate or...
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  • openaus-charities


    OpenAus:Charities provides an updated list of registered charities made searchable by postcode, issue, federal electorate and local government area. OpenAus:Charities also...
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  • openaus-budget


    OpenAus:Budget provides the Commonwealth budget in searchable format, allowing users to easily find cuts and increases by Portfolio or Program. OpenAus:Budget also includes the...
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  • govtree


    GovTree is a web application that allows public users to look up Australian Government's departments and personnel. The application features search-as-you-type and auto-complete...
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  • commercepipe


    CommercePipe’s vision is to create Australia’s most comprehensive and transparent business data portal, which can help Australian businesses do business with increased...
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  • abn-check

    ABN Check

    Search for ABN, ACN or business name and see ABN details and historical changes.
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  • charities


    Find not for profit charity organisations based on location, charitable causes, activity details, organisation size, staff breakdown, and revenue brackets.
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