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  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Planned burns

    Approximate geographic extent of proposed planned burns to be carried out in the Brisbane local government area that have been granted permits. This data is selected based on a...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Street Names with Suburbs

    CSV file containing Brisbane City Council street and associated suburb names.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Traffic signal location reference

    Information about Brisbane City Council Traffic Intersections, including location, lanes and detectors (in JSON). This dataset is primarily supplied to be used with another...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Property Address Data

    All Official Addresses within the Brisbane City Council Local Government Area. Contains property information including as: Address, Ward, Property Description and Coordinates.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Bicycle racks in Brisbane City

    List of bicycle racks in Brisbane City. Includes address, suburb, location, capacity, rack type and latitude/longitude.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Public art collection

    Public art collections in Brisbane includes Artist, title, location, description, materials, date, date displayed, temporary/permanent, ownership and programme.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Brisbane City Plan 2014 - Industrial amenity overlay

    Brisbane City Plan 2014 is Brisbane City Council's plan for the future development of Brisbane. The Industrial amenity overlay identifies industrial hazard and industrial...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Brisbane Parking Stations

    Number of vacant spaces at Brisbane City Councils 2 parking stations.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Community halls

    This dataset contains information about Brisbane City Council's community halls, including locations, opening times, booking and hire information and general descriptions of the...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Library checkouts all branches by date

    Library checkouts borrowed at all branches on a single day. Information includes: Title, Author, Call Number, Item Identifier, Item Type, Status, Language, Checkout Branch, Date...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Corporate Website Analytics

    Monthly analytics reports for the Brisbane City Council website. Sets include: page views, user numbers, device and browser usage, top search terms and total number of searches...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Traffic Volume – Key Corridors Performance Report

    Traffic Volume for Key Brisbane Corridors. Includes traffic volumes, travel times and incidents.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Waste Collection Days

    Brisbane City Council residential rubbish collection day data set. Dataset includes: suburb, street name, house number, unit number, house number suffix, general waste day and...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au CityCat, CityFerry and CityHopper Timetables

    Dataset includes individual resources for: CityCat timetable including upstream and downstream ferry services. Cross-river timetable between Bulimba and Teneriffe ferry...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Tracks and Trails

    This layer contains data about Tracks and Trails within Brisbane City Council conservation areas that are used for public recreation.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Bikeways in Brisbane City

    Spatial data of bikeways in the Brisbane City Council area. Dataset includes spatial locations, usage type, material and the path dimensions including ownership.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Brisbane Ferries Monitoring API

    This API returns a JSON file in SIRI (Service Interface for Real Time Information) format about the schedule and actual service status of the specified stop. The information...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Ferry Terminals

    Ferry Terminals includes: terminal name, street, location, cross street, suburb, GPS coordinates, latitude, longitude, accessibility, parking nearby bus services, CityCat...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Brisbane City Council Events Locations

    Brisbane City Council runs a range of classes, workshops, activities and events in Brisbane. The events are thing like concerts, sports and fitness, green events, markets, arts,...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Public drinking fountain taps

    List of public drinking fountain taps in Brisbane. Includes ward, suburb, property code, park name, node id, node name, item id, item type, item description, easting/northing...