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  • From dataACT Skate Parks

    There are seven major skate parks in Canberra suitable for all levels of use, with a further 12 parks offering skate features. Canberra's skate parks are available for use by...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Park facilities and assets

    List of parks and assets in Brisbane including park number, park name, node id, node use, node name, item id, item type, item name, description, easting/northing,...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Brisbane Parks events

    This dataset contains information on all events held in Brisbane parks.
  • Golden Plains Bike Parks

    Point Data of Bike Parks within the Golden Plains Shire. Although all due care has been taken to ensure that this data is correct, no warranty is expressed or implied by the...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Active parks events

    This dataset only shows events related to fitness.
  • From data.sa.gov.au Park Land Usage Total Visitation

    The data covers the estimated uses of the park lands for the following activities: Organised Sport & School Use, Events, Informal Recreation, Other destinations including...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Total number of park facilities and items

    A record of the total number of parks facilities and items in Brisbane, listed by item type. It includes Item type, quantity and description.
  • Brimbank Parks and Open Spaces 0.1

    This table provides the polygon boundaries of public accessible open space and categorised park reserves within Brimbank City Council. While all due care has been taken to...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Wireless hotspot sites - Libraries and Parks

    Location of Council public libraries and parks with wireless hotspots service
  • Parking

    There is no description available.
  • Parks

    Utilities for Open data
  • Open Space - City of Greater Geelong

    Open Space in Geelong as classified and inventoried for the "Open Space Network Study 2001". Categories are Linear and Linkage (LL) Sport (S) Informal Parks (IP) Landscape...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Public drinking fountain taps

    List of public drinking fountain taps in Brisbane. Includes ward, suburb, property code, park name, node id, node name, item id, item type, item description, easting/northing...
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Southbank Parklands events

    This dataset contains information on Southbank Parkland events, includes location, times and dates.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Movies

    This dataset contains information on Council organised Movie events, includes location, times and dates.
  • From data.brisbane.gov.au Bikeway sections

    Spatial data of bikeways in the Brisbane City Council area. Dataset includes spatial locations, usage type, material and the path dimensions including ownership.
  • From dataACT ACT Reserves

    A list of reserves and open spaces in the ACT.
  • From data.sa.gov.au Community Land

    Displays Community Land classified land owned and under the care & control of Council.
  • From Melbourne Data Trees, with species and dimensions (Urban Forest)

    The City of Melbourne maintains more than 70,000 trees. This dataset details the location, species and lifespan of Melbourne's urban forest by precinct. To explore Melbourne's...
  • Brimbank Drinking Fountains

    Open Space asset features collected as part of the Open Space Inventory & Condition Assessment project. This layer contains point features for outdoor Drinking Fountains
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