14 data requests found

  • Open ASIC Company Director Data

    Request to release company owner / director data as part of the ASIC company dataset. This information would help companies detect hidden conflicts of interest and would...
    1 day ago
  • Open Australian Housing Developers

    A dataset of Housing Developers who operate across Australia....thanks
    2 days ago
  • Open Childcare Vacancy Data

    Hi , I am the founder of a Startup Spotachildcare.com.au . The 'Spot a Childcare' one the first prize in GovHack2016 for the category ' Smart Cities an Collaborative Economy'....
    3 days ago
  • Open Green Slip Insurance expiry date

    The data on all NSW motor vehicles rego & Green slip insurance expiry/renewal dates, via excel, please
    3 days ago
  • Open List Of Currently Registered NSW License Plates

    I would like a list of just the license plates of all currently registered NSW vehicles, no other information required. Preferably in the format of an Excel file or similiar.
    5 days ago
  • Open Top 1000 Companies/businesses with address, email, name of the contact person

    Top 1000 Companies/businesses by size with address, email, name of the contact person
    10 days ago
  • Open Total number of people registered to vote

    Total number of people registered to vote in Victoria at SA1 level.
    11 days ago
  • Open Parking Signs

    Dataset that includes information on parking signs. e.g. 5-7PM, 4P, Prices, loading zone times, taxi zone times, bus lanes and etc.
    20 days ago
  • Open Australian Honours Lists

    Please make the Australian Honours Lists https://www.gg.gov.au/australian-honours-and-awards/australian-honours-lists available in a machine readable format, preferably JSON....
    25 days ago
  • Open Australians of the Year

    Request for Australians of the Year as an open data set I'd love an opendata set of the Australians of the Year, preferably in something machine readable like JSON. A reference...
    26 days ago