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  • Closed Nick

    Nick Hayes
    19 days ago
  • Open Parking Signs

    Dataset that includes information on parking signs. e.g. 5-7PM, 4P, Prices, loading zone times, taxi zone times, bus lanes and etc.
    20 days ago
  • Closed crime

    21 days ago
  • Closed Call and Contact Centres

    Call and contact centres transcript data. I am committed to improving information acquisition for the general public. Perhaps starting with Salmat 13 28 46 number data. If raw...
    24 days ago
  • Open Australian Honours Lists

    Please make the Australian Honours Lists https://www.gg.gov.au/australian-honours-and-awards/australian-honours-lists available in a machine readable format, preferably JSON....
    25 days ago
  • Open Australians of the Year

    Request for Australians of the Year as an open data set I'd love an opendata set of the Australians of the Year, preferably in something machine readable like JSON. A reference...
    26 days ago
  • Open Attrition rates for Australian university students

    Attrition rate for commencing bachelor students at Australian universities 1989-2015 (inclusive)
    26 days ago
  • Open Public spending on tertiary education

    Public spending on tertiary education as a percentage of GDP for the years 1989-2015 (inclusive)
    27 days ago
  • Open Smart Grid Smart City (SGSC) project

    Hello Australian Government, I'm from North Carolina, Wilson. I'm taking a class at Wake Tech in Business Analytics. There was an article:...
    28 days ago
  • Open Types of assets held by those affected by the new pension assets test

    Any data that shows a breakdown of the types of assets that those affected by the new pension assets test actually hold.
    1 month ago