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  • Open List of all Australian child care services

    Good day, I'm looking for a list of all Australian child care centres, particularly containing addresses, as well as (if possible) a service type, a website, a phone number and...
    20 days ago
  • Open Federal Electorate Information

    I am after a .csv file (or similar) that contains a list of the Federal Electorate names and the corresponding suburbs and postcodes for each electorate.
    21 days ago
  • Open Smart-Grid Smart-City Customer Trial Data

    Hello, Several academic papers I've read recently have cited the use of the Smart-Grid Smart-City Customer Trial Data, which I believed to be available at this site that I am...
    21 days ago
  • Open NBN network rollout map

    Could we please get access to the data used to generate the nbn rollout map http://www.nbnco.com.au/learn-about-the-nbn/rollout-map.html ? It would be great if this could be...
    27 days ago
  • Closed DrinkApi

    1 month ago
  • Open Performance of Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 187)

    I am after information about the performance of the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 187) program, including: Number of applications per month, broken down...
    1 month ago
  • Open Ceased Credit Representative Dataset

    Request to reveal the ceased (CRED_REP_END_DT) status within current Credit Representative Dataset to streamline accessibility and limit risk. Currently all entries are set to...
    1 month ago
  • Open Tertiary Education of Financial Advisers

    Data on the tertiary education of financial planners on the Financial Advisers Register
    1 month ago
  • Open List of business agents in Australia

    I am after a list of all business agents in Australia
    1 month ago
  • Open ASIC Company Director Data

    Request to release company owner / director data as part of the ASIC company dataset. This information would help companies detect hidden conflicts of interest and would...
    1 month ago