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  • Open Rental properties and pet ownership

    If there a data set available that compares rental properties with pet ownership in Brisbane suburbs?
    5 days ago
  • Open List of newly incorporated companies (2017)

    Searching for a list of companies that got incorporated since Jan 2017. Thanks.
    7 days ago
  • Open Energy providers details

    Hello Guys my name is Sara Hafeez and I was looking for a dataset which contains the list of energy providers in australia and their rates?
    8 days ago
  • Open Smart-Grid Smart-City Customer Trial Data Request

    Dears, I would like to access this dataset for my thesis research paper, I have noticed that many research papers have cited it, would you please help me in accessing it to...
    11 days ago
  • Open Energy Made Easy - Retail plans

    The electricity and gas plan details that are submitted to energymadeeasy.gov.au for the purpose of price comparison.
    13 days ago
  • Open Carer Allowance by age of those cared for

    There is an increasing demand on family members as carers and receipients of the carer allowance. The age of the person under care provides a useful tool for planning. Simple...
    15 days ago
  • Open smart meter dataset

    residential smart meter data set in 60 minutes interval for atleat 5 individual meters for 6 months ( including summer , winter and spring season)
    16 days ago
  • Open NSW Speed Limits GeoJSON

    Hi Team, I'm and iOS developer and would like to build and iPhone widget around Speed Limits. Hence can I request you provide the data if possible?
    18 days ago
  • Open Registered Pets in Melbourne area

    details around the registered pets in the Melbourne area. Breed, type, name, age, colour
    19 days ago
  • Open Wealth Summary Statistics - By Postcode

    I'm after average, median and variance of wealth by postcode. Are these statistics, or something else related to the distribution of wealth by postcode available?
    25 days ago